BAP Encourages Leadership Among Transatlantic Members

Robert “Bo” Parfet is a Denver-based author and investor who launched Denali Venture Philanthropist after working for several years on Wall Street. Outside of his commitment to social entrepreneurship in Colorado, Robert “Bo” Parfet was also a fellow for the British American Project (BAP).

Established in 1985, BAP has become a force for change and leadership around the world. Originally, BAP was created to forge relationships between the UK and the US and to lessen tensions in the British community as it relates to American foreign policy.

In that time, the group members have gone onto becoming very influential on the world stage. One writer described the group in a 2017 article in the Guardian as the most influential transatlantic network of politicians, journalists, and academics.

The organization’s purpose as a think tank between the countries is meted out through its selection process, which culminates in choosing some of the brightest professionals from the two countries. Backed by major corporate powerhouses such as Monsanto, American Express, and British Airways, one could only expect that an organization with this type of reach would also produce future leaders and policy influencers.




Denali Venture Philanthropy Founder Robert “Bo” Parfet

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Robert "Bo" Parfet

Robert "Bo" Parfet

Denali Venture Philanthropy Founder Robert “Bo” Parfet

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